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"I have been lifting weights for years and it wasn’t until I worked with Carrie that I actually saw the results. Not only were the workouts challenging, but they were also coupled with a balanced eating plan that helped me to look and feel my best. I was still able to eat the things I love while achieving my fitness goals. Carrie was a super supportive coach throughout the process and I would strongly recommend Carrie to anyone that wants to see results!" 



"I have been an online client of Carrie's for 3 years.  She is a wonderful coach who is genuinely dedicated to helping her clients achieve their goals.  Her programming is dynamic and thoroughly planned out, which is what I required.

I had hit a plateau in my training, had regular joint pain and a shoulder injury when I contacted Carrie. 

Following my new program and dietary guidelines, I learned to train smarter, not harder, improved my mobility, increased volume in all of my lifts and built more muscle.  All thanks to Carrie Lee Fitness :)"  


I've transformed myself too.


☀️Always was a good poser!_._._.jpe

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To make sure we are a perfect fit, please make sure you:
  • Are 20+ years of age.
  • Are coachable.  You must be willing to listen to feedback, receive tough love and constructive criticism without taking it personally, and come into this program with a desire to make positive changes.
  • Are willing to commit to at least 12 weeks of coaching to ensure you see the results you are after.
  • Are committed to exercising without a trainer standing over you.
  • Are not chronically stressed.  Dieting is additional stress on the body, so if you are regularly stressed out this may not be the best time to embark upon a fat loss journey.

Stop yo-yo dieting for good.

Learn all my fat loss secrets so you never need a coach again.

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Work directly with me and I'll change your life forever.

Burn fat. 

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Wake up and feel happy and confident with who you see in the mirror.

Work directly with someone who has been in your shoes.

Stop yo-yo dieting for good.

Learn all my fat loss secrets so you never need a coach again.

Get the results you've been dreaming of.

Fit Method

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