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Hi! I'm Carrie Lee!

It means the world to me that with over

1 billion websites you could be scrolling through on the internet right now, you're here on my page!  


Fun Facts

about me

I am Canadian/Bermudian and currently reside

in Bermuda.

I became a Mommy in 2019 to my wonderful son.

I lost over 100lbs and won a local bodybuilding show in 2016.

I'm a certified PT with ASCM and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach

I'm a Certified Online Trainer with the Online Trainer Academy.

Dancing was my first passion and I danced competitively throughout my teen years.

 my personal


“I lost 10lbs from following your posts

I've tried it all.

Every fad diet, teatox, detox, prescription pill, herbal supplement, shake replacement, body wrap, cellulite cream, juice cleanse, fasting protocol and fat burning workout known to man.

None of it worked, 

not for long anyway.

I took the hard road, but you don't have to. By understanding what doesn't work, I learned what does, and you will too!

This is why I became a coach.

I want my experiences to help you achieve all your goals and ditch the all-or-nothing mentality that comes with dieting.  I will help you find freedom with food and feel better than you ever have before.

Work with me and gain the knowledge and confidence to achieve your health & fitness goals and maintain them for life.


Do less. ⁣⁣⁣_⁣⁣⁣_Keep it simple.jpe

The fitness industry is saturated with confusing and contradictory information and it is my mission to help you see through it all and create a lifestyle for yourself that you will be proud of. 

No magic. 

no quick-fixes.

no cookie-cutter programs​. 

I will always keep it real with you.  I have years of experience, both personal and professional, and all of my information is science-based and research-backed.​  If you are open to learning and following my advice, you will achieve the results you are after.

Still have more questions?


Ask away!

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